Hardware for Medical Applications

The Medical Industry has unique requirements in terms of safety, standards, and operation. Learn how to source hardware for this industry.

Adding computing capabilities to medical carts to bring information and treatments closer to the patient

The medical industry has kept pace in adopting recent technology trends in Automation, Internet of Things, and Edge Computing. Medical carts are a good example of how computing capabilities are introduced closer to the user to improve performance and efficiency. In this blog post, we will cover some of these challenges when sourcing hardware for the required computing capabilities.

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Hardware Medical Applications Medical Carts

Features to Determine the Best Display for A Specific Medical Application

Medical Application Displays

Displays are critical for pain relieving, for diagnosing, and for saving lives. When you are developing solutions in this field, you should review features, like the ones in our recent blog post, to determine which screen adapts best to your application.

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Why Medical OEMs Need Customized, Industrial Boards?

Hardware has become an essential component for state-of-the-art medical equipment. Connecting to the Internet, higher processing capabilities, automation, power consumption, and precision are some of the pressing priorities medical OEMs face today.

In this blog post, we will deepen the topic to help you learn if you need to start sourcing industrial boards.

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Medical Customized Industrial Boards

2022 Trends Customers in the Medical Industry will Face from a Hardware Perspective

2022 Challenges Medical Industry

What challenges does 2022 has in store for the medical industry in terms of hardware? Many of the challenges we will continue to see this year are still a result of the COVID pandemic. Let’s look and some specifics.

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Understanding Hardware Considerations Related to Patients, Security, and Customization in the Medical Industry

One of the main components for End-to-End Automated Diagnostic Laboratories, Automated Pharmacies, Surgical Robotics, and Rehabilitation Machines is hardware. Those small green boards with chipsets, Inputs/Outputs, ports, and processors certainly help preserve and improve health. Let’s review some considerations that influence how you source hardware in medical applications.

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Hardware considerations Medical OEMs

Order 66: When Supply Chain Leaves Hardware Vulnerable to Attacks

Cybersecurity Supply Chain

If you are a Star Wars fan, you probably are familiar with order 66. A chip was inserted in the brain of Clones to moderate their behavior and insert instructions.

This chip included Order 66, an instruction to eliminate Jedis. Although Jedis did hire Kaminoans to build a Clone Army, Emperor Palpatine exploited his position of power to manipulate the instructions in the chip for his future benefit.

And here you have an example of why you need to protect your hardware from long before it is installed in your facilities or other equipment.

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A Hardware Manufacturer Can Hold Your Ladder to Success

Are you an enthusiast of DYI home repairs or renovations? If you are planning to renovate the kitchen or bathroom or if you have a garage full of tools, this article might interest you. When you are doing home repairs at some point you need help from another human being. It is usually due to security reasons. Just think about the last time you went to the roof to change some tiles. Did someone hold the ladder as you went up or down? Well, that is exactly how designing and planning a new embedded system or single board computer should work.

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