Security at the Edge from a Hardware Perspective

Do not wait until your company suffers an attack to take measures!


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Hardware and Cybersecurity: The First Step to Peace of Mind

Hardware and Cybersecurity_1

In today's world, cybersecurity actions in critical spaces have become increasingly commonplace, with dedicated teams directly protecting the assets, reputations, and ultimately profits of their respective companies. However, it is surprisingly common to overlook cybersecurity in industrial environments. Often, design departments focused on product development, or integrators focused on applications, unintentionally overlook all the necessary security considerations when it comes to edge or IoT solutions.

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Common Hardware Security Threats and How to Avoid Them

Hardware attacks do not usually make the news. But they can capture headlines. Gaining physical access to hardware is difficult but not impossible. After all, this can be a way to conduct corporate espionage, extort money, or steal important documents. If you read our previous blog about why it is important to protect your hardware, you might be interested in learning the common hardware threats and how to avoid them.

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Cybersecurity Threats

5 Tips on How to Apply Hardware Hardening to Your Facilities

Cybersecurity Hardening Strategy

So far, we have been analyzing strategies and techniques to avoid hardware attacks that can be requested or purchased during the manufacturing stage. But what happens if you have legacy equipment, installed equipment, or if you want to start diagnosing or applying an enterprise-wide security strategy? Let ’s look at ways to reduce the risk of attacks thanks to hardening.

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Order 66: When Supply Chain Leaves Hardware Vulnerable to Attacks


If you are a Star Wars fan, you probably are familiar with order 66. A chip was inserted in the brain of Clones to moderate their behavior and insert instructions. This chip included Order 66, an instruction to eliminate Jedis. Although Jedis did hire Kaminoans to build a Clone Army, Emperor Palpatine exploited his position of power to manipulate the instructions in the chip for his future benefit. And here you have an example of why you need to protect your hardware from long before it is installed in your facilities or other equipment.

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Cybersecurity Supply Chain

How Can a Hardware OEM Help you Improve Security at Every Level?


Hardware Cybersecurity

Given the devastating consequences of cyberattacks, protecting your company should be a priority. Did you hear about the recent attack to the Fuel Pipeline in the United States of America? Cyberattacks are increasingly common across all industries and regularly involve great financial losses.

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