Designing Embedded Systems?

When you are designing and planning to build an embedded system, you need to protect your investment and guarantee results. In this page, you will find useful information to source hardware for embedded systems.

How to Learn the Difference Between Hard and Minimum System Requirements?

Since software and hardware are typically sold or developed separately, companies face a common problem. How do you develop a cost-efficient turnkey solution that works seamlessly as a system from the hardware and software point of view? Think about the last time that you purchased a computer. Who can tell you if the software you are looking to use will be compatible with the computer you are buying? Buying a computer, even for consumer purposes, can take labor intensive research and you will still be unsure if you are oversizing the computer just to sustain regular operations. In this blog post you will find out more information on how to determine minimum system requirements.

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Determining the Minimum System Requirements to Save Money and Time While Designing Hardware

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How do you start developing a completely new product? If you are integrating IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 trends or automation into your project, you will face recurrent issues when gathering specs in the design process. Since new tech product development can take between 2-5 years in average, design methodologies should be used as basis for determining the hard system requirements in terms of hardware to save resources and money. Since you should accurately define system requirements, read this blog post to learn some details on how to accurately define requirements.

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Always hit home runs by choosing the right board for you application!

In baseball and in life, to advance a career you need to go through training and practice.  This is similar to knowing when to use developer boards or industrial boards.

Originally, developer boards, like Raspberry PI, Jetson Nano, and Arduino, were created for education and product prototyping. So, when do you need an industrial custom board?

In this article you will find details about the application of developer and industrial boards.

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Right board for your application

Achieve business success by bridging the gap between software and hardware in embedded systems

Bridging the Gap between Software and Hardware

The design and prototyping phases of technological solutions are usually long and critical for business success. Initial capital investments can be high in these projects. Consequently, stakes and expectations are high! Since we are still suffering the consequences of the pandemic in terms of shipping delays and electronic components shortages, in many cases companies are experiencing a tremendous amount of pressure to reach the market and send committed inventory on time.

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Long story short: How to determine what embedded system is the best for your application

Are you looking to source hardware for your embedded system? When faced with questions about software compatibility or required certifications, do you know exactly the needs of your application? In this article we will help you differentiate among embedded systems and how to make sure you are sourcing the appropriate hardware.

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Embedded System Architecture is the Foundation for Design and Planning

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You don’t need to be an expert to source the correct hardware for your embedded system.

You just need to work on the embedded system architecture. Nowadays equipment is designed by an interdisciplinary team which needs to communicate regardless of their background. Some team members might have technical experience, but some might not.

How can you make sure that you meet your financial and operation objectives while sourcing the correct hardware for an embedded system?

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A Hardware Manufacturer Can Hold Your Ladder to Success

Are you an enthusiast of DYI home repairs or renovations? If you are planning to renovate the kitchen or bathroom or if you have a garage full of tools, this article might interest you. When you are doing home repairs at some point you need help from another human being. It is usually due to security reasons. Just think about the last time you went to the roof to change some tiles. Did someone hold the ladder as you went up or down? Well, that is exactly how designing and planning a new embedded system or single board computer should work.

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