Is Your Factory Truly Smart?

We can help you leverage the Internet of Things in your factory to improve productivity and safety with remote monitoring solutions


We can help you tackle the hardware challenges of bringing your factory up to the standards of Industry 4.0.

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Common Challenges

  • Gathering viable diagnostic information

  • Reducing downtime

  • Simplifying connectivity and compatibility

  • Security concerns related to wireless communication

  • Connecting legacy equipment to the Internet

  • Space constraints and ruggedness

  • Programming skills or training required

  • Cost of customized solution

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Our Offering

Our hardware was designed for Industry 4.0:

  • Compatible with leading OEM’s hardware

  • Communicates with all major industry-standard protocols

  • Easy to install

  • Compact size

  • Security industry standards included

  • Little programming required

  • Rugged Features

  • Quick return on investment

  • Standardize and reduce spare parts

Gather Data at the Sensor Level While Working with the Widest Range of Field Bus Networks!

The CONPROSYS IO Link Master is a low-cost solution that allows you to gather viable diagnostic information at the sensor level and send it to PLCs. In fact, this IO Link master is compatible with IEC 61131-9 compliant sensors and actuators.

This industrial grade device is compatible with the widest possible range of field bus networks: EtherCAT, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP.

Contec’s IO Link Master now includes CC-Link IE Field Basic.


You can leverage the existing field network on site and easily connect IO-Link sensors with 8-channel independent IO-Link Ports.

You can also connect sensors from various manufacturers with one cable, and capture diagnosis information such as cable disconnections or device operating status. This device also enables error free device replacement, and quick restarts.

Finally, this gateway offers simplified power supply with a daisy chain configuration thanks to the rugged M12 connector.

Industrial Grade Device

IP67 dust-proof and water-proof features.

Wide operating temperature range from -20°C to 60°C.

Simplified Configuration

Configure the desired network you are adopting on the rotary switch on the device. Then, finish setting up the device from a web browser with no additional training or programming skills required.

It supports various PLC engineering tools, like Siemens Step7, BECKHOFF TwinCAT, Omron Sysmac Studio, Mitsubishi GX Works

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Monitor Equipment Anywhere in the World!

The CONPROSYS M2M gateway communicates data from the sensor to an application software, allowing the transmission of collected data to the cloud with simple settings. In fact, with the CONPROSYS M2M series, you can collect data from various types of facilities and can be managed centrally. Thus, this is the perfect remote monitoring solution through the Cloud.


Thanks to this durable and compact gateway, all the processes from development to operation can be performed on a web browser. The functions, such as Web monitoring and alarm processing by I/O information, enable you to create a Cloud System at low cost and in a short time.

  • Supports a Varied Lineup of PLCs and Modbus devices
  • Data Collection of up to 128 PLCs
  • Web Monitoring
  • Embedded CPU
  • Compatibility with HMI and SCADA software
  • OPC UA Standard applied
  • Compatibility of Multiple Vendors
  • Rugged Features for Industrial Environments
  • Simplified Installation

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Remote Monitoring Software at Your Fingertips!

The CONPROSYS HMI System (CHS) software is compatible with CONPROSYS hardware. It simplifies remote monitoring implementation and operation allowing you to monitor your facilities from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.


This HTML5 software gathers, analyses, and reports data from various IoT CONPROSYS gateway devices and MQTT (Message Queueing Telemetry Transport) communication devices on an HMI monitoring screen.

From a web browser, this software allows you to:

  • Collect data
  • Control functions
  • Detect alarms
  • Receive notifications
  • Display process charts, trend graphs, and reports

Main Features

  • Supports multiple types of IOT devices
  • Compatible with multiple PLC vendors, like Mitsubishi, Siemens, OMRON
  • No programming skills required with drag and drop features
  • Quick creation of monitoring dashboards
  • Compatibility with MQTT, a popular IoT communication protocol
  • Supports Windows, Android/iOS, Mac, and Linux
  • Purchase licenses as you need them directly from Contec’s website

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Conprosys software

Accelerate Digital Transformation of Industrial Systems!

The CONPROSYS IO Nano Modules are Remote I/O Devices for Digitizing Interspersed Local or Legacy Devices.

Main Features:

  • Miniaturization of Components
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Easy to install
  • Modular design
  • Compact Size
  • Cost effective solution
  • Programmable with IEC 61131-3 PLC Languages
  • Supports Windows PC, Linux PC, or Modbus Device
  • Rugged Features for Industrial Environments

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CONPROSYS Nano Analog Input Module

Expansion Analog I/O module for the CPU unit of the CONPROSYS nano series. One module can be used as single-ended voltage input with 8 channels, differential voltage input with 4 channels, or differential current input with 4 channels. The functions can be switched.

  • 12-bit or 24-bit resolution analog input
  • Bus Isolated Analog Input
  • Capable of supporting multiple input range and types.
  • No electrolytic capacitor
  • Digital Filter for 24-bit resolution

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CONPROSYS Nano Serial I/O Module

Expansion I/O module with RS-422A/485 COM port for to the CPU unit of the CONPROSYS nano series.

  • RS-422A/485 serial communication and support maximum of 921,600bps 
  • No electrolytic capacitor 






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CONPROSYS Nano Digital Input  I/O Module

Expansion I/O module equipped with 16 inputs and 1 common that supports current sink/source output.

  • Opto-coupler isolated input
  • Internal or external circuit power supply
  • All input signals can be configured as interrupt events
  • Digital filter
  • Input counter function



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