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Essential AI Terms: Tips for Keeping Up with Industrial Digital Transformation


Significant advancements in deep learning technology have ushered in increased practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in research and development. Expectations are high that such applications will allow for new solutions to various social issues. 

The following blog includes a summary of AI-related technologies and terminology. We have also included examples of industrial AI applications and guidance on how best to prepare for each process. 


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Smart Robot General Trends

Robotics Blog Series

When the Internet was booming in the 90’s, we were convinced that all sci-fi movies would become a reality by 2000. Even though we do have video calls, cleaning robots, and e-commerce, we are still implementing and developing Industry 4.0 technology.

In this Blog Series you will find all information you need to choose the right hardware for your mobile robotic application.

IoT Sensor Types and Applications

types and applications

When it comes to IoT, many people think of smart, futuristic systems where information is shared instantly over large cities or the world. For those looking to take advantage of an IoT system—whether to visualize site conditions, increase production efficiency, or detect signs of failure—the first and most difficult step is determining how to collect data from on-site equipment.


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Effective Communication Between Devices in Factories Is Not A Myth


Many manufacturers are still struggling to automate their facilities effectively. Why? There is a lack of technical knowledge to bridge the software-hardware gap, communication protocols incompatibility, and high capital expenses related to integrations or retrofits which increase the total cost of ownership.  

How to overcome communication incompatibilities to increase uptime and productivity, simplify set-up and maintenance, reduce costs, and enhance flexibility and scalability.   

If you have legacy equipment, this article will help you to stop the communication protocol nightmare. 


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Smart Factory Myth

Is Your Warehouse Ready for the Accelerated Growth Driven by E-Commerce Adoption?

rugged tablet warehouse-1

As a result of lockdowns and social distancing measures around the world, E-Commerce has experienced an accelerated growth during the last year. In fact, up to 10 years of e-commerce adoption have been comprised in three months, according to McKinsey. What is interesting is that this is not the regular path to consumer habit transformation, which usually takes place over a period of decades and, consequently, has forced companies to adopt e-commerce as survival instead of a business strategy. 

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Cybersecurity Blog Series

63% of companies will face security breaches in 2021 and 38% of attacks to computers were tied to industrial control systems in 2020. Protecting your company against the devastating consequences of cyberattacks should start at the hardware level. In our blog series, we discuss equipment, tools, and best practices to protect hardware against attackers.

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Keeping up with Industry 4.0?

Check out our Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence and IOT:

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence can help you increase safety and efficiency while reducing downtime and human error. Want to know more about hardware for industrial applications?

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Internet of Things in Public Restrooms

As more devices are connected to the Internet, the opportunities to automate processes increase. In this case, we remotely monitor a public restroom to predict cleaning intervals. We offer a wide range of soltions for IOT.

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Library Mouse or Tech Enthusiast?

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