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Effective Communication Between Devices in Factories Is Not A Myth


How to overcome communication incompatibilities to increase uptime and productivity, simplify set-up and maintenance, reduce costs, and enhance flexibility and scalability. 

If you have legacy equipment, this article will help you to stop the communication protocol nightmare.


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Smart Factory

Is Your Warehouse Ready for The Accelerated Growth Driven by E-Commerce Adoption? 

warehouse management

Worried about downtime, human error, and accelerated growth in your warehouse? Learn more about how to choose and upgrade industrial computers, servers, and tablets for monitoring and automating warehouses.  

As a result of lockdowns and social distancing measures around the world, E-Commerce has experienced an accelerated growth during the last year. In fact, up to 10 years of e-commerce adoption have been comprised in three months, according to McKinsey. What is interesting is that this is not the regular path to consumer habit transformation, which usually takes place over a period of decades and, consequently, has forced companies to adopt e-commerce as survival instead of a business strategy.   


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Keeping up with Industry 4.0?

Learn more about how hardware is the secret to a solid update strategy for deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

In the industrial sector, IoT and 5G communication technologies have allowed for real-time collection of detailed field data. AI technology also allows companies to adapt to changing circumstances quickly. Meanwhile, the opportunities for digital transformation (DX) also increase.

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Latest Technology in Displays

Learn how and why the new PCAP technology is replacing resistive as the go-to for industrial applications.

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SBC Campaign Factory

Truly Leverage Your Investment

Looking to increase the lifespan of existing technology and to extending the time between replacements?

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Are You Seeking Best In Class Industrial Displays, All-In-One Computers or Tablets?


Choose from our standard off-the-shelf product options, semi custom or fully customized displays designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Contec display products are designed to work with high operating temperatures and features IP65 protection. Our display products are capable of handling gloved touch and offer different sizes and mounting options.

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The Path to a Smarter Factory

Check out rugged, smart solutions specially designed for harsh environments.

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