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Pandemic! The Rising Costs of Manufacturing and How to Save Money


Looking for ways to cut down expenses and complexity in manufacturing products? We can help you reduce Capital and Operating Expenses starting at the Board Level.

A year ago, the news about the spreading COVID virus, seemed like a distant reality. Nothing prepared manufacturers for the consequences of lockdowns, social distancing measures, collapsed healthcare systems, travel restrictions, semiconductors shortage, climate changes, and transportation delays.


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Across the board solutions 



A leading medical OEM required a custom, long-life embedded computing solution to power their diagnostic device. The old configuration used an industry standard motherboard which did not offer the number of expansion slots needed to support the necessary peripherals. The expansion slots were being utilized by three Ethernet ports which were required to run the instrument. The OEM device was sold to hospitals and labs around the world. As a result, the solution required global regulatory certifications. A long-life board with a locked bill of materials was critical to avoid jeopardizing regulatory compliance and accruing costly redesign and recertification fees.


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