The Metaverse: Future and Current Applications

In this page you can learn more about how Edge Computing, IOT, Virtual Reality and Virtual Twins are helping companies shape their current and future success.

The Future is Now: What Technologies are Building the Metaverse Today?

The Metaverse will be able to provide decentralized, secure virtual worlds or Augmented Reality in physical spaces for you to interact with other people around the world for entertainment, social, or working purposes. Let’s go over current and future considerations around the metaverse.

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Metaverse Considerations

The Reality of the Metaverse: How Companies Are Leveraging Digital Twins?

Virtual Twins

Are you dreaming about entering a virtual duplicate of your factory to monitor and correctly diagnose potential problems without visiting the physical facility? This idea is not new at all. It is quite last century, in fact. But we did not have the technology back then to implement digital twins as we know them today. In this blog post, we discuss what is a digital twin and how you can leverage them in your company.

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Are Edge Computing and IOT Helping Companies Build the Metaverse Today?

Internet of Things promises that by connecting devices to the network you could leverage data to improve productivity, efficiency, and ROI. Edge computing promises to solve latency problems and improve user experience. However, most companies today are not reaching desirable results with these technologies. In this blog, we will further discuss interconnectivity, stock management and internet bandwidth issues and how to solve them now to truly leverage IOT and Edge Computing.

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Edge Computing IOT Metaverse

Is Hardware Ready for the Metaverse? What Challenges We Need to Overcome?

Hardware Metaverse

The Metaverse will enhance our physical world with augmented reality and offer equipment for you to feel, touch, see and hear like you live in a virtual reality world. In short, it will transform all aspects of our lives: work, entertainment, social interactions, and relationships. If you analyze the promises closely, most companies are focusing on creating the software and the applications. A few businesses are focusing on developing the virtual reality headsets. As a result, we are starting to see some emerging trends on hardware which we will discuss further in this post.

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A Hardware Manufacturer Can Hold Your Ladder to Success

Are you an enthusiast of DYI home repairs or renovations? If you are planning to renovate the kitchen or bathroom or if you have a garage full of tools, this article might interest you. When you are doing home repairs at some point you need help from another human being. It is usually due to security reasons. Just think about the last time you went to the roof to change some tiles. Did someone hold the ladder as you went up or down? Well, that is exactly how designing and planning a new embedded system or single board computer should work.

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