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When the Internet was booming in the 90’s, we were convinced that all sci-fi movies would become a reality by 2000. Even though we do have video calls, cleaning robots, and e-commerce, we are still implementing and developing Industry 4.0 technology.

In this Blog Series you will find all information you need to choose the right hardware for your mobile robotic application.

Welcome to the Mobile Robotic Hardware Jungle! Choose the Hardware That Better Adapts to Your Need

Looking to source hardware for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) or Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGVs)?

Summer is here! You have probably been daydreaming and counting the days to finally leave the office, get on a plane and land on a peaceful, green tropical jungle in the Caribbean or Central America.

Jungles are interesting places for birdwatching, trekking, and hiking. They are great places to reset your biological cycle and reconnect with nature, really. But they are not the magical, static, peaceful places we think of. A full-on battle for resources is going on under our noses.

What does this epic battle have to do with mobile robotics?

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Robotics Jungle

How do I Know if Raspberry PI, NVIDIA Jetson Nano, or Intel NUC are Appropriate Computers for my Industrial Robotic Application?

Right Board for Robotic Application

Regularly engineers look at three options when looking to source Single Board Computers for Robotic Applications: Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson Nano, and Intel NUC.

But how you should choose between any of this or a customized solution? We will provide a guide in this blog post regarding the advantages of each option for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) or Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGVs).

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Mobile Robotic Applications Have Unique Hardware Requirements You Need to Be Aware Of

Why is it important to include industrial hardware in robots instead of commercial components?

Many commercial hardware options offer the required processing capabilities, I/O options, footprint, etc. The catch? Mobile robotic and automation applications must tackle unique requirements.

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4x4 Mobile Robot

Understanding the End Game of Your Robotic Application to Guarantee Hardware Compatibility

End Game of Robotics Application

Working in designing a robotic application?

You probably need to know what to look for in hardware to make sure it is compatible with ROS operating system.

ROS is a powerful, flexible, and reliable operating system specifically designed for robotics.

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Contec has developed an Automated Guided Vehicle perfect for factories and warehouses. Factories and Warehouses with static layouts can benefit from the consistent and reliable operation of AGVs. We reveal the details of the hardware solution in this page.

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AGV Success Story

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